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Candidate of Legal Sciences,
Chairman of the Panel of Rapporteurs of the Presidium of the Supreme Court
of the Republic of Tatarstan

The article examines some trends in the legal regulation of the procedural status of the
court in the process of evidence in land disputes in civil and administrative proceedings,
both from the standpoint of the functional role of the court in the process of evidence, and
from the standpoint of the forms by which the court implements the principle of procedural
assistance to participants in the procedure in proving court activity in managing the
proceedings. According to the author, participants are not fully aware of the need to form an
independent legal position on the case, the reasoning of their arguments and activity in the
procedure of collecting the evidence which is necessary for the proper resolution of the case.
In this regard, the relationship between the role of the court and the evidentiary activities
of the parties in the process of evidence is of particular importance, since it is from it that
the effectiveness of the implementation of the right to judicial protection by the participants
of the process depends. The issue of evidentiary law as a complex interdisciplinary legal
education retains an important theoretical and practical significance. The development
of scientifically based criteria for delimiting land disputes into two subspecies, depending
on the procedural form of their consideration in civil or administrative proceedings, will
provide a systemic solution to the relationship between these types of proceedings.

Keywords: subjects of evidence; principles of evidence; principles of distribution of the
burden of proof; place and role of the court in the process of evidence in land disputes.


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Information about the author

Khisamov A.Kh. (Kazan, Russia) – Candidate of Legal Sciences, Chairman of the
Panel of Rapporteurs of the Presidium of the Supreme Court of the Republic of Tatarstan
(72/2 Pushkina St., Kazan, 420015, Russia; e-mail: vs.tat@sudrf.ru).

Recommended citation

Khisamov A.Kh. Rol’ suda v protsesse dokazyvaniya na primere razresheniya
zemel’nykh sporov v grazhdanskom i administrativnom sudoproizvodstve [Role of the
Court in the Process of Evidence on the Example of Resolution of Land Disputes in
Civil and Administrative Proceedings]. Вестник гражданского процесса = Herald of
Civil Procedure, 2019, no. 1, p. 411–422. (In Russian) DOI: 10.24031/2226-0781-2019-

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