Herald of Civil Procedure

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Actionability: In Search of the Lost Tradition?
T.V. Sakhnova
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Problems of Realization of the Right to Judicial Protection in Civil and Administrative Proceedings
E.A. Borisova
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Circumstance in Proof in Civil Procedural Doctrine and Judicial Practice
E.A. Nakhova
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On Basic Concepts of Responsibility of the State, Arising from the Harm Caused by It (in the Context of the Relation with Civil Procedural Mechanism)
S.F. Afanasiev, N.A. Makarova
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On the Concept of the Unified Civil Procedure Code of the Russian Federation: View from the Perspective of the Development Strategy of Russian Civil Procedure
D.R. Safiullina
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Commentary to the Civil Procedure Code of the Russian Federation (continuation)
A.V. Argunov, M.R. Zagidullin, P.V. Krasheninnikov, V.V. Lisitsyn, V.M. Murshudova, R.B. Sitdikov
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Rural Municipality Court Statute of the Baltic Provinces of the Russian Empire of 1889 (part 4)
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Actual Procedure of Election and Qualitative Composition of Elected Magistrates of the Province of the Don Cossack Host in the Second Half of the XIX Century
A.O. Inshakova, Ya.V. Trofimov
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From «Access to Justice» to «Obstacles to Justice»? Practical Learning of Judicial Mediation in China
Yedan Li
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Institute of Organizational (Representative) Class Action Abroad
D.I. Shandurskiy
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Discretion in the Scope of Private Law: Content and Limits
R.А. Khasanshin
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Transnational Corporations: Issues and Features of Its Participation in Civil Procedure
M.R. Suleymanov
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Sufficiency of Lawyers for Rendering of Competent Legal Assistance on the Example of Population of the Sverdlovsk Region
S.A. Khalatov
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Practice of Application of Conciliation Procedure in Arbitration Proceedings
E.R. Galiullin
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Review of the New Order of Submission to Federal Courts of General Jurisdiction of Documents in Electronic Form, Including Electronic Documents
E.V. Bazilevskikh
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Order of Submission to Federal Courts of General Jurisdiction of Documents in Electronic Form, Including Electronic Documents (Approved by Decree of the Judicial Department under the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation on December 27, 2016 No. 251)
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Review of the First International Scientific-Practical Convention of Undergraduate and Postgraduate Students «Legal Science and Practice 2.0: Looking into the Future»
Yu.M. Lukin, D.A. Valeev, N.N. Makolkin
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75 Years from the Birth of Doctor of Legal Sciences, Professor Viktor Stefanovich Anokhin
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65 Years from the Birth of Doctor of Legal Sciences, Professor Nikolay Mikhailovich Korshunov
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Present to you the first issue of the "Herald of the civil process" in 2017

With the greatest of pleasure, I would like to bring to your attention the first regular issue of the “Herald of civil procedure” journal in 2017. We start new year from a little change of the journal form: we decided to try familiar to many researches the DOI system; these digital certificates will be given to every article published in our journal from 2017. According to many experts, the DOI is used in English-language scientific field for exchanging materials between scholars. So, factually, it is a “lighthouse”, an “eternal” link to the constant place of a document in the Internet with short information about this document. By this, we meet our commitments from 2015 regarded to including the journal to the RSCI Web of Science system. This practice will be widespread to the other journals issued by publishing house “Statut” after our approbation. As for the other achievements, the journal will keep its best traditions in the sphere of illustrating scientific life and law enforcement practice in the sphere of civil procedure, which keeps being important and specific for the whole legal system. We are still committed to the idea of its progressive development through the union of classical doctrine and dynamic court practice. For that reason, it is important for us to present at every issue outstanding monographies of Russian scholars and our colleagues from foreign countries and also analytical materials with practical character. There is a set of articles about actual questions of theory and practice of nowadays civil procedure of Russia and foreign countries at this issue of the journal. At that sense, general idea of the issue is better displayed by the quote from the title article, prepared by professor Tatyana Sakhnova: “The law of XXI century is modulated: value orientations try to be embodied into concrete methodology of legal relations. Obviously, pioneer of that movement is civil procedure and procedural relations as a way of implementation of the right to judicial protection. Searches of practical ways of “inverse” embodiment of generally recognized values, which are peculiar to justice ontologically, evidence about that. Production of horizontal methodology of intercommunication of international justice bodies and national jurisdictions, recognizing by doctrine of inefficiency of “hierarchical” methodology and tendency to harmonization are not so much goals, as new methodology of modern procedure, which purpose is “to give material form” to fairness of daily life of law”. Pardon me for the magnificial citation, but as I see, it reflects the sense of all contemporary researches: the unity of doctrine and practice, Russian and international experience. These are nowadays realias of Law in XXI century; development of civil procedure goes according with that, too!