Herald of Civil Procedure

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Categories of the Whole and Part in Civil and Arbitration Procedural Law
V.M. Sherstyuk
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If Non-Execution of the Writ of Execution by the Debtor is the Specific Legal Wrongdoing?
M.L. Galperin
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On Functional Relations of the Institution of Procedural Responsibility
D.A. Lipinsky
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On the Necessity of Compiling of Motivated Judicial Acts in the Appellate and Cassation Instance
E.S. Smagina
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Class Action for the Retail Financial Pension Service Consumers’ Protection: Offering the Model
S.A. Khalatov
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Commentary to the Civil Procedure Code of the Russian Federation (finale)
R.Z. Gayfutdinova, V.G. Golubtsov, P.V. Krasheninnikov, D.Ya. Maleshin, O.A. Ruzakova
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M.M. Mikhailov, “Selected Works”: Historical Studies on the Gradual Development and Improvement of Every Separate Part of Russian Civil Proceedings (part 2, chapters 6, 7 – finale)
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Execution of Judicial Decisions in Civil Procedure of Ukraine: Tendencies in the Context of Judicial Reform
V.V. Kryzhanivsky
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Allocation of Responsibility for Compensation of Moral Damage Inflicted During Air Carriage Between the Carrier and the Insurer
M.F. Baglaridu
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Shorthand Report of the IV Annual Symposium of the Journal “Herald of Civil Procedure” “2017 – E-Justice and Information Technologies in Civil Procedure”
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Reforming of the Revision System of Judicial Acts. Review on the Conference, Organized by the Department of Civil and Arbitration Procedure of the Omsk F.M. Dostoevsky State University
A.S. Morozova
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Review of the XIII Annual Student Model Trial “All-Russian Judicial Debate”
I.Yu. Zagoruyko, Yu.M. Lukin, N.N. Makolkin, Yu.M. Nasyrova
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“The Quick and Fair Trial”: A Century and a Half in Search of Aurea Mediocritas (finale)
A.A. Smola, Yu.V. Tay
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55 Year Anniversary of Doctor of Legal Sciences, Professor Yuriy Starilov
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170 Years from the Birth of Doctor of Law, Ordinary Professor Adolf Golmsten
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Present to you the third issue of the "Herald of the civil process" in 2018

Glad to bring to your attention the third issue of the journal “Herald of civil procedure” in 2018.
The issue of the magazine is opened by the article of Doctor of Law, Professor
Department of Civil Procedure Law of the Faculty of Law Moscow State University. M.V. Lomonosov V.M. Sherstyuk "Categories" whole "and" part "in civil and arbitration procedural law".
In it, based on the categories "whole" and "part", the author came to the conclusion that the whole
can be not only a system of civil procedural law, but the sum-
(non-system) legal entities, the constituent parts of which are
norms and institutions of civil procedural law, as well as norms
and institutions of other branches of law and legal entities.
The article of the candidate of legal sciences, the professor of the department
The judicial authority of the Faculty of Law of the National Research University
theta "Higher School of Economics" M.L. Halperin called "Non-fulfillment
debtor requirements of the executive document - a special offense? ".
In this article, the author justifies that in itself the failure of a judicial
Act, as well as non-judicial executive document, is not a special right.
violation from the point of view of the legal regime of the executive
sity. According to the author, not fulfilling the requirements of the executive document,
the debtor first of all shies away from the performance of his duty,
the industry that is "serviced" by the executive
production, and specific "sectoral" wrongfulness in the performer-
there is no production.
We are grateful to the other authors who presented their interesting articles,
included in this issue. Traditionally, the magazine is filled with the headings "Civil Process in Comments", "History of Civil Process", "Foreign Civil Process", "The Tribune of a Young Scientist", "The Judiciary
and practice ".
Also for those who could not attend the events in this issue
We publish the transcript of the IV Annual Symposium of the journal "Herald of civil procedure" "2017 - Electronic Justice and Information Technology in Civil Justice"and the Review of the XIII Annual Student
model trial "All-Russian judicial debate".
In the section Personalia, traditionally memorable events and dates are celebrated,
this time it is:
- 55 years old professor, Doctor of Jurisprudence Yu.N. To Starilov;
- 170 years since the birth of the doctor of law, ordinary professor A.Golmsten.