Herald of Civil Procedure

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Actionability: In Search of the Lost Tradition?
T.V. Sakhnova
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Problems of Realization of the Right to Judicial Protection in Civil and Administrative Proceedings
E.A. Borisova
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Circumstance in Proof in Civil Procedural Doctrine and Judicial Practice
E.A. Nakhova
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On Basic Concepts of Responsibility of the State, Arising from the Harm Caused by It (in the Context of the Relation with Civil Procedural Mechanism)
S.F. Afanasiev, N.A. Makarova
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On the Concept of the Unified Civil Procedure Code of the Russian Federation: View from the Perspective of the Development Strategy of Russian Civil Procedure
D.R. Safiullina
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Commentary to the Civil Procedure Code of the Russian Federation (continuation)
A.V. Argunov, M.R. Zagidullin, P.V. Krasheninnikov, V.V. Lisitsyn, V.M. Murshudova, R.B. Sitdikov
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Rural Municipality Court Statute of the Baltic Provinces of the Russian Empire of 1889 (part 4)
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Actual Procedure of Election and Qualitative Composition of Elected Magistrates of the Province of the Don Cossack Host in the Second Half of the XIX Century
A.O. Inshakova, Ya.V. Trofimov
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From «Access to Justice» to «Obstacles to Justice»? Practical Learning of Judicial Mediation in China
Yedan Li
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Institute of Organizational (Representative) Class Action Abroad
D.I. Shandurskiy
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Discretion in the Scope of Private Law: Content and Limits
R.А. Khasanshin
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Transnational Corporations: Issues and Features of Its Participation in Civil Procedure
M.R. Suleymanov
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Sufficiency of Lawyers for Rendering of Competent Legal Assistance on the Example of Population of the Sverdlovsk Region
S.A. Khalatov
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Practice of Application of Conciliation Procedure in Arbitration Proceedings
E.R. Galiullin
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Review of the New Order of Submission to Federal Courts of General Jurisdiction of Documents in Electronic Form, Including Electronic Documents
E.V. Bazilevskikh
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Order of Submission to Federal Courts of General Jurisdiction of Documents in Electronic Form, Including Electronic Documents (Approved by Decree of the Judicial Department under the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation on December 27, 2016 No. 251)
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Review of the First International Scientific-Practical Convention of Undergraduate and Postgraduate Students «Legal Science and Practice 2.0: Looking into the Future»
Yu.M. Lukin, D.A. Valeev, N.N. Makolkin
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75 Years from the Birth of Doctor of Legal Sciences, Professor Viktor Stefanovich Anokhin
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65 Years from the Birth of Doctor of Legal Sciences, Professor Nikolay Mikhailovich Korshunov
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Present to you the second issue of the "Herald of the civil process" in 2017

I would like to bring to your attention the second regular issue of the journal “Herald of civil procedure” in 2017. This issue is opened by central article written by I.V. Ponkin, professor of the Department of State and Municipal Management of the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration. The article is devoted to the problem of “procedure” term in legal sphere and public administration. This question is new for classic civil procedure and also actual for interbranch researches. The summaries of the author are important, as he suggests author’s concept of interpretation of “procedure” as multiaspectual term through interrelation of terms “legal process” and “legal reality”, and also terms “legal process” and “legal space”. Interbranch researches of procedural issues are continued by A.V. Ilyin, assistant professor of Department of State and Administrative law, our colleague from Law Faculty of Saint Petersburg University. His article is devoted to constitutional grounds of normative control implementation in civil procedure and to subject of judicial activity. In the end, opinions about this problem of scholars of administrative sphere are well combined with traditional views formulated by doctrine if civil procedure. The author made a research about possible models of normative control and he establishes the conclusion that creating procedural rules about contestation of normative legal acts only in accordance with a dispute settlement models will be correlated fully to constitutional guaranties of the right to judicial protection. The conclusion is logical and actual in the context of contemporary judicial reform. This issue of the journal consists of many other powerful and important materials on the theory and practice of civil procedure, written by our colleagues from Moscow, Saratov, Samara, Kazan and Krasnoyarsk. Our views about foreign civil procedure are essentially complemented by article of Professor Carlos Henrique Soares from Belo Horizonte University (Brazil). The article is about contemporary judicial reform in Brazil. It is interesting to note that there are only 30 final decisions from 100 of new process at the first year of consideration a case, and the others are being removed for the next year, what causes unreasonably long proceedings. The author summarizes the problems of Brazilian judicial system: high level of inconsistency, low judicial efficiency, lack of judges, and high level of oversaturation; judicial system needs deep reform and modernization. One of the important missions of our journal is support of young researchers, Master and Bachelor students. This issue is not an exception; here we included articles of prizewinners of autumn Convent of students of Kazan Federal University: Anastasiya Strygina (Lomonosov State University) and Alyona Pyatakova (Ulyanovsk State University). Judicial authority and practice section is illustrated by highly interesting practical document: Recommendations for Execution by Judges of the Republic of Tatarstan of Regulations of the Civil Procedure Code of the Russian Federation Regulating Refusal to Accept the Claim (Application) (Approved by the Meeting of the Scientific Advisory Board of the Supreme Court of the Republic of Tatarstan on December 29, 2016). We hope this regional experience will be sought by other regions of Russia. Traditionally, there are memorable dates and events in Personalia section. Particularly, this year is the date of 110 years from the birth of doctor of legal sciences, Professor Ionis Zheruolis, outstanding representative of Soviet and Baltic science of civil procedure. Together with that, we are glad to congratulate with -anniversary doctor of legal sciences, Professor Anatoly Vlasov and 55-anniversary doctor of legal sciences, Professor Lidiya Terekhova.