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Information Technology in the Practice of Arbitration Courts


L.A. Terekhova

Doctor of Legal Sciences, Professor, Head of the Department of Civil and Arbitration Procedure 
of the Dostoevsky Omsk State University 

DOI: 10.24031/2226- 0781-2017-7-6-34-42

The author examines the experience of using of information technologies in the practice of arbitration courts of the Russian Federation. In the introduction of electronic technologies into litigation it is important to observe the following rule: they must only be a tool helping to perform all the same procedural actions as before, and not a new type of litigation. Technologies shall not change the essence of procedural actions. Intermediate results of the introduction of information and communication technology into arbitration procedure allow us to assess the degree of development of «electronic justice» as an initial one, displaying many problems that require both technical and legislative solution. Judges have some observations concerning the functioning of certain services, but generally it is recognized that electronic technologies partially exempt them from technical work, simplify paperwork, help to study legislation and practice. It is generally accepted that new technologies have increased the level of awareness of stakeholders about the progress of the case. An important matter to preserve the application of the principles of justice is to keep such an element of evidentiary activity as the study of evidence. Otherwise all achievements of electronic technologies in the sphere of access to justice, transparency of courts’ activities and their new level are simply nullified. 

Keywords: electronic litigation; electronic technologies; information technology; summary proceedings; principles of justice; arbitration courts; electronic form of application; court personnel; court web site; evidentiary activity. 


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Information about the author 

Terekhova L.A. (Omsk, Russia) – Doctor of Legal Sciences, Professor, Head of the Department of Civil and Arbitration Procedure of the Dostoevsky Omsk State University (644065, Omsk, 50 let Profsoyuzov St., 100/1; e-mail: lydia@civpro.info). 

Recommended citation 

Terekhova L.A. Informatsionnye tekhnologii v praktike arbitrazhnykh sudov [Information Technology in the Practice of Arbitration Courts]. Вестник гражданского процесса = Herald of Civil Procedure, 2017, no. 6, p. 34–42. (In Russian) DOI: 10.24031/2226- 0781-2017-7-6-34-42

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