Herald of Civil Procedure

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Doctor of Legal Sciences,
Head of the Department of Business Law,
Civil and Arbitration Procedure of the Perm State University,
Judge of the Seventeenth Arbitration Court of Appeal

Exploring the theoretical issues of evidence in digital form, the author approaches the issue
from a scientific point of view, based on the theory of evidence. For this reason, it seeks to
exclude the formulation of e-justice issues based on factual and interdisciplinary material
in one research series with procedural and legal problems of evidence. Based on the basic
theoretical foundations of the doctrine of evidence, the author concludes that the emergence
of new carriers of information about the facts, important for the formulation of a legitimate
and reasonable solution, not a reason for the invasion of the doctrine of evidence in the civil
process and its radical modification. The aim is to attract scientific attention to the discussion
of the theoretical model of “electronic” proof not only from the standpoint of information
technology, but also to understand the need, limits and features of the transformation
of the existing process of proof from the standpoint of the classical theory of evidence.

Keywords: informatization; legal proceedings; justice; theory of evidence; digital evidence;


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Information about the author

Golubtsov V.G. (Perm, Russia) – Doctor of Legal Sciences, Head of the Department
of Business Law, Civil and Arbitration Procedure of the Perm State University, Judge
of the Seventeenth Arbitration Court of Appeal (3, Bldg. 5 Genkel St., Perm, 614068,
Russia; e-mail: vg2009@yandex.ru).

Recommended citation

Golubtsov V.G. Elektronnye dokazatel’stva v kontekste elektronnogo pravosudiya [Electronic
Evidence in the Context of E-Justice]. Вестник гражданского процесса = Herald
of Civil Procedure, 2019, no. 1, p. 170–188. (In Russian) DOI: 10.24031/2226-0781-

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