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Counter Collateral of the Claim in Russian Arbitration Procedure: From the Realities to the Unified Civil Procedure Code


E.S. Trezubov

Senior Lecturer of the Department of Labor and Environmental Law 
and Civil Procedure of the Kemerovo State University 

DOI: 10.24031/2226-0781-2017-7-6-77-92

The article deals with the legal regulation of the institution of counter-measures of interim measures in domestic arbitration procedure. The interest protected by such measures is revealed, the importance of the counter security institution for the Russian arbitration procedure is substantiated. By distinguishing two types of counter collateral depending on the protected interest, the possibility of applying civil-law means of securing obligations, such as a surety, a bank guarantee, a pledge, etc., as collateral security measures provided by the plaintiff, is substantiated. The criteria that the substantive ways of securing obligations, used as collateral: the time and amount of collateral, the identity of the guarantor, etc. Separate problems of provision of counter security through depositing funds into the court deposit account are also disclosed: despite the seeming simplicity of this method, due to the lack of regulation of the procedure at the regulatory level, the risks of inefficient use of security structures of this type of security are inevitable. The article criticizes the provision to the court of the right to demand a counterclaim from the plaintiff or the person filing the complaint, since this power restricts the implementation of the principle of disposability. Separate proposals are being made to improve the institution of interim measures under the Unified Civil Procedure Code. 

Keywords: interim measures; securing of a claim; counter interim measures; protection of the applicant’s property interests; ways to ensure obligations; compensation for damages from the interim measures applied.


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Information about the author

Zagidullin M.R. (Kazan, Russia) – Candidate of Legal Sciences, Associate Professor of the Department of Environmental, Labor Law and Civil Procedure of the Kazan (Volga Region) Federal University (Kazan, Kremlyovskaya St., 18, educational building No. 01; e-mail: zagidullin.mr@yandex.ru).

Recommended citation

Zagidullin M.R. Vidy yuridicheskoj otvetstvennosti notariusa: aktual’nye problemy [Types of Legal Liability of the Notary: Actual Problems]. Вестник гражданского процесса = Herald of Civil Procedure, 2017, no. 6, p. 77–92. (In Russian) DOI:

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