Herald of Civil Procedure

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Rules of review articles

1. Scientific articles received by the editors, are reviewed.
2. Reviewing manuscripts of articles by members of the Editorial Board.
3. Executive Secretary determines the line profile of the journal article, the requirements for registration and send it for review by a member of the editorial board who has the closest to the topic and scope of scientific specialization of scientific interest.
4. Executive Secretary within 10 days notify the authors of the receipt of articles via e-mail.
5. Dates of review articles are determined by the executive secretary with a view to create conditions for more rapid publication of the article.
6. The review should highlight the following issues: The contents of the article its title, relevance, evaluation of the presentation style of article, the feasibility of publication. In case of any shortcomings, deficiencies in a review article indicated what changes should be made by the author. The editors inform the author about the need for changes in the article.
7. The review must specify the output of the possibility of publication of this article in the journal «recommended», «encouraged, subject to correct deficiencies noted reviewer» or «not recommended».
8. Reviews shall be certified in the manner prescribed in the facility, which employs a reviewer.
9. In case of deviation from the published version of articles the author sends a reasoned refusal.
10. The article is not recommended for publication by the reviewer to re-examination is not accepted.
11. The presence of a positive review is not a sufficient reason for publishing the article. The final decision on whether the publication is accepted by the editorial board.
12. Following the adoption of the editorial board decision on the admission of an article for publication Executive Secretary shall inform the author and the date of publication indicates.
13. The originals are stored in the editorial reviews of the scientific journal «Herald of Civil Procedure».