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Candidate of Legal Sciences, Associate Professor,
Department of Civil Procedure and Business Law,
Samara National Research University

DOI: 10.24031/2226-0781-2020-10-4-200-216

This article analyzes the issues of formation and development of the institution of conciliation
procedures in our country. The legal institute under study was known even before the
pre-revolutionary Russian law, and domestic lawyers paid special attention to the development
of its foundations. In the Soviet period, it lost its significance: by civil procedural law,
fixing the investigative principles of legal proceedings and orienting the court to resolve the
dispute on the merits, the procedure for concluding a settlement agreement was still regulated;
in arbitration procedure, there was a different approach, where the parties reaching
an agreement on the dispute was the main task of the arbitration. In the post-Soviet period,
the legislator gradually carried out activities to form the legal framework, which did not give
a predicted impulse to increase the demand for conciliation procedures. A new milestone in
the development of the institute under study was the adoption of the federal law of 26 July
2019 No. 197-FZ, which introduces amendments to the legislation in order to improve the
institution of reconciliation. The progressive orientation of future changes is noted, but it is
concluded that this is only the initial stage of a long process of reforming legislation in this
arеа. It is necessary to carry out a range of organizational and financial measures aimed
at developing and popularizing conciliation procedures in Russian society.

Keywords: dispute settlement; mediation; arbitration; mediation; settlement.


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Information about the author

V.V. Kotlyarova (Samara, Russia) – Candidate of Legal Sciences, Associate Professor,
Department of Civil Procedure and Business Law, Samara National Research University
(1 Ak. Pavlova St., Samara, 443011, Russia; e-mail: vera-er@mail.ru).

Recommended citation

Kotlyarova V.V. Primiritel’nye protsedury v Rossii: retrospektivnyi vzgliad i perspektivy
razvitiia [Conciliation Procedures in Russia: Look Back Study and Prospects for
Development]. Vestnik grazhdanskogo protsessa – Herald of Civil Procedure, 2020, vol. 10,
no. 4, pp. 200–216. (In Russ.) https://doi.org/10.24031/2226-0781-2020-10-4-200-216

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