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Candidate of Legal Sciences, Associate Professor,
Department of Civil Law and Procedure,
Vladimir State University

DOI: 10.24031/2226-0781-2020-10-4-167-177

Mediation procedures in the world legal practice have become one of the most relevant
means of preventing and resolving legal conflicts, and have been positively received by
Russian lawyers. The advantages and at the same time the relevance of the mediation
institution are determined by the existence of an objective possibility to develop solutions
and methods for excluding the conflict for its parties. This article examines the role of
mediation in the civil process system. It is indicated that mediation for a very short period
of its existence in the Russian legal system has acquired the status of a social institution
of modern society. The author has identified the legal basis for mediation and settlement
of legal disputes within the framework of the current legislation. The positive effect of the
development of alternative ways of resolving legal conflicts, in particular, the normative
consolidation of the institution of judicial conciliators, has been established. Analysis of the
main problems of using the Institute of mediation and mediation in resolving disputes and
conflicts at the present stage has shown that it is advisable to make fundamental changes
in the social organization of society, systematic work of state, municipal and public bodies
aimed at promoting legal literacy and reducing the level of aggression in the country. The
study of social, legal and philosophical aspects of this problem has led to the conclusion that
close interaction of jurisprudence, religion, cultural studies, and sociology is necessary, and
the state should act as a unifier of all these areas, since mediation and other alternative
dispute resolution methods are possible only in a socially healthy system.

Keywords: mediation; judicial reconciliation; conflict; resolution; mediation agreement.


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Information about the author

T.V. Kivlenok (Vladimir, Russia) – Candidate of Legal Sciences, Associate Professor,
Department of Civil Law and Procedure, Vladimir State University (87 Gorky St.,
Vladimir, 600000, Russia; e-mail: ta-bagi@mail.ru).

Recommended citation

Kivlenok T.V. Rol’ mediatsii v uregulirovanii pravovykh konfliktov [The Role of
Mediation in the Resolution of Legal Conflicts]. Vestnik grazhdanskogo protsessa –
Herald of Civil Procedure, 2020, vol. 10, no. 4, pp. 167–177. (In Russ.) https://doi.

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