Herald of Civil Procedure

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Doctor of Legal Sciences, Professor, Institute of Comparative Law,
China University of Political Science and Law

DOI: 10.24031/2226-0781-2020-10-5-199-211

In this article, the author examines the history of the development of legislation on civil
proceedings over 70 years since the formation of the New PRC. The article analyzes the
historical prerequisites for the adoption of the CPC of the PRC, describes the features of
the development of legislation on civil procedures in different periods, and also reveals the
connection between the evolution of legislation on civil procedures and the development
of social life in China. Achievements and successes achieved in civil procedure legislation,
prospects for the development of Chinese civil procedure legislation are summarized. In
particular, in the study, the author emphasizes that at present, artificial intelligence is
widely used in all aspects of people’s daily life, including in the judicial sphere. On the one
hand, artificial intelligence contributes to improving the efficiency, fairness and speed of
justice, and on the other hand, numerous disputes related to Internet transactions and
human rights violations on the Internet are inevitably associated with the use of artificial
intelligence in the process of legal proceedings in the collection, verification or certification
of evidence. Another finding is that citizens are increasingly advocating that the state
guarantees their legal rights and interests. The process of democratization and the rule of
law at the global level also exerted significant pressure on the judiciary, which led to a very
active development of the civil procedure system in China for a further long period.

Keywords: civil procedural legislation of the PRC; amendments to the CPC of the PRC;
reforming the CPC of the PRC; development prospects of the CPC of the PRC.


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Information about the author

Wan Zhihua (Beiiing, China) – Doctor of Legal Sciences, Professor, Institute of Comparative
Law, China University of Political Science and Law (Xueyuan Lu Campus: 25 Xitucheng
Lu, Haidian District, Beiiing, 100088, China; e-mail: 13910259239@163.com).

Recommended citation

Zhihua W. Semidesiatiletie zakonodatel’stva o grazhdanskom sudoproizvodstve v KNR
[Seventieth Anniversary of PRC Civil Procedure Legislation]. Vestnik grazhdanskogo
protsessa – Herald of Civil Procedure, 2020, vol. 10, no. 5, pp. 199–211. (In Russ.) https://

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