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Chairman of the Eleventh Arbitration Court of Appeal

DOI: 10.24031/2226-0781-2020-10-4-295-313

This article analyzes a number of features in the abuse of rights in corporate disputes
in the arbitration process. Special attention is paid to the abuse of procedural rights –
by overcoming the legal force of judicial acts and suggested possible ways to prevent
them. Enforcement of a court decision is one of the most important components of the
implementation of the constitutional right to judicial protection. One of the reasons for
non-enforcement of judicial acts is the bad faith of debtors, who not only limit themselves
to evading the voluntary execution of a court decision, but also make all sorts of attempts
to circumvent its enforcement. The mechanisms provided by the legislator for reviewing
a judicial act, acting as a guarantor of the implementation of the constitutional right
to judicial protection, presuppose the integrity of participants in procedural relations.
The party that aims to abuse procedural rights intends to avoid the execution of the
legal decision made against it. One of the ways of abuse of procedural rights, which is
widely used to neutralize an existing decision, is to bring a new claim against an earlier
decision. With regard to corporate disputes, it is proposed to pay special attention to the
distribution of General rules of the burden of proof in the context of the “standard of
proof ”. The possibilities of justice in the digital economy in terms of using the resource
of information sources in an attempt to prevent the abuse of procedural rights are also
of interest.

Keywords: corporate disputes; abuse of procedural rights; standard of proof; imitation of
a corporate dispute; good faith; challenging large transactions.


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Information about the author

N.R. Safaeva (Samara, Russia) – Chairman of the Eleventh Arbitration Court of
Appeal (11A Aerodromnaia St., Samara, 443070, Russia; e-mail: info@11aas.arbitr.ru).

Recommended citation

Safaeva N.R. Imitatsiia korporativnogo spora kak sposob preodoleniia zakonnoi sily
sudebnogo akta [Imitation of a Corporate Dispute as a Way to Overcome the Legal
Force of a Judicial Act]. Vestnik grazhdanskogo protsessa – Herald of Civil Procedure,
2020, vol. 10, no. 4, pp. 295–313. (In Russ.) https://doi.org/10.24031/2226-0781-2020-

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