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Graduate Student, Faculty of Law,
National Research University Higher School of Economics, Deputy Head of the Unit,
Ministry of Justice of Russian Federation


According to practice, it is often difficult for the claimant to get the execution of a court
decision containing non-property requirements. At the same time, the legal mechanism
of compulsory execution of non-property demands, which involves applying to the debtor
various indirect enforcement measures in the hope of getting him to enforce a court
decision, seems to be an inappropriate mechanism in terms of potential possibility of
replacing the non-property demand with its cash equivalent. The paper analyses the
application of the institution of changing the method and manner of a judicial act’s
execution as a mechanism that provides the recoverer with the opportunity to fulfill the
non-property requirements contained in the court decision by his own hands and for
account of the defective debtor. The author notes the spread of two opposite positions on the
issue in judicial practice and identifies the advantages and disadvantages of both of them.
The author also expresses his opinion regarding the procedure for the implementation
of the subjective civil right of the creditor to fulfill the obligation for account of the
defective debtor, provided by the article 397 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation,
in enforcement proceedings and concludes that the institution of changing the method
and manner of a judicial act’s execution is inadequate as a procedural mechanism for
such implementation.

Keywords: enforcement proceedings; non-property requirements; changing the method
and manner of a judicial act’s execution; civil procedure; ways of protecting civil rights;
Article 397 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation.


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Information about the author

D.A. Olenin (Moscow, Russia) – Graduate Student, Faculty of Law, National
Research University Higher School of Economics, Deputy Head of the Unit, Ministry
of Justice of Russian Federation (11 Pokrovskii Blvd., Moscow, 109028, Russia; e-mail:

Recommended citation

Olenin D.A. Mozhno li predostavit’ vzyskateliu pravo samomu ispolnit’ reshenie suda,
esli dolzhnik ot ispolneniia ukloniaetsia? [Is It Possible to Grant the Recoverer an Opportunity
to Execute Judgment by Himself, If the Debtor Avoids Performance?]. Vestnik
grazhdanskogo protsessa – Herald of Civil Procedure, 2021, vol. 11, no. 3, pp. 316–334.
(In Russ.) https://doi.org/10.24031/2226-0781-2021-11-3-316-334

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