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Problems of Unification and Harmonization of Some Provisions of Existing Procedure Codes of the Russian Federation (Civil Procedure Code, Arbitration Procedure Code, Administrative Procedure Code) on Verification the Validity of Decisions of Courts of the

R.V. Shakiryanov, 
Candidate of Legal Sciences, 
Judge of the Supreme Court of the Republic of Tatarstan 

The article considers questions of unification of provisions of the appeal (Civil Procedure Code of the Russian Federation, Arbitration Procedure Code of the Russian Federation, Administrative Procedure Code of the Russian Federation), suggests ways of harmonization of procedural rules. Operating in the Civil Procedure Code of the Russian Federation and the Arbitration Procedure Code of the Russian Federation rules do not provide the court of appeal instance the right to falsify the decision and to send up the case on new consideration to court of the first instance, they typically oblige courts of second instance in the case of vacating of the decision of the court of the first instance itself to settle the dispute on the merits. These provisions have led to harmonization, adaptation of appeal proceedings to the increasing demands of the national judiciary and of the European Court of Human Rights, including to examine cases within a reasonable time, and therefore these rules must be submitted in a uniform code. The author notes that the court practice expands grounds for the return of cases for new investigation in courts of the first instance; draws attention to the fact that the regional judicial practice fills the legal vacuum created due to the presence of gaps of legal regulation in appeal proceedings. 

Keywords: Unified Civil Procedure Code of the Russian Federation; arbitration procedure; civil procedure; unification and harmonization of appeal proceedings; federal judicial practice; regional judicial practice; law enforcement practice; return of cases; transition to a new trial. 


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Information about the author 

Shakiryanov R.V. (Kazan) – Candidate of Legal Sciences, Judge of the Supreme Court of the Republic of Tatarstan (420015, Kazan, Pushkin st., build. 72/2; e-mail: vs.tat@sudrf.ru).

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R.V. Shakiryanov