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Features of Consideration of a Bankruptsy Case of the Citizen in Case of His Death

Yu.S. Povarov, 
Candidate of Legal Sciences, Associate Professor, Associate Professor 
of the Department of Civil and Business Law of the Samara National Research University 

On the whole positively assessing the legalization of the institute of «bankruptcy of hereditary mass», the author makes a critical analysis of provisions of the Federal Law «On Insolvency (Bankruptcy)» on conditions and the order of a bankruptcy of a citizen in case of his death. In the article, in particular, the author defines hierarchical subordination of rules of law on a bankruptcy of the deceased citizen; analyzes the procedural aspect of the excitation (continuation) of bankruptcy proceedings; expands areas of cooperation between the arbitration court, the financial manager and a notary public in the framework of a competitive process (in this case terminological and conceptual valuation deficiencies are revealed). The author tries to identify and explain reasons for separate legislative decisions (concerning the qualification of heirs and a notary in terms of their participation in the bankruptcy case, the system of procedures of bankruptcy in use, features of formation of the estate, «total» character of the liberation of the citizen from obligations and others.). At the initiation of proceedings after the death of citizen a procedure of implementation of the property of a citizen immediately introduced. Thus, the involvement of other rehabilitation procedures is excluded in principle. Studied earlier rules on obligatoriness of reflection in the statement on recognition of a citizen as a bankrupt of the information about his death, and on the necessity of filing a petition to the arbitration court by the notary and the financial manager are intended to promote to the consistent implementation of this approach. 

Keywords: bankruptcy case; arbitration court; finance manager; notary; heir; inheritance; bankruptcy estate; implementation of the property of a citizen. 


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Information about the author 

Povarov Yu.S. (Samara) – Candidate of Legal Sciences, Associate Professor, Associate Professor of the Department of Civil and Business Law of the Samara National Research University (443086, Samara, Moscow pr., 34; e-mail: povus@mail.ru).

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Yu.S. Povarov