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Actual Paradigms of Civil Procedure

T.V. Sakhnova, 
Doctor of Legal Sciences, Professor, Head of the Department of Civil Procedure 
of the Siberian Federal University 

The article is devoted to topical problems of the paradigm of civil procedure. The author notes that it is necessary to state the lack of a common understanding in the modern doctrine of the actual paradigm of civil procedure in general and in relation to its individual components. The problem of defining the paradigm – not a speculative but necessary action-oriented task, predetermining a legislative definition of objectives and methodology of procedure and its regulatory model. Do we follow the continental tradition (and in what form; whether inherit the pre-revolutionary Russian tradition in its development) or try to «englishrelated» procedure? Currently we are «inside» the process of return of the historically developed paradigm actio-ius – at a new evolutionary stage of development of civil procedure. And it is able to perform the purposeful and methodological function in future development of civil procedure, taking into account its new location – forming system in the national legal system and legal inter-ethnic communication.

Keywords: paradigm of civil procedure; trends of development of civil proceedings.


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Information about the author: 

Sakhnova T.V. (Krasnoyarsk) – Doctor of Legal Sciences, Professor, Head of the Department of Civil Procedure of the Siberian Federal University (660075, Krasnoyarsk, Maerchaka st., 6, room 3-09A; e-mail: [email protected]).

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T.V. Sakhnova