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Аbout the Concept of the Unified Civil Procedure Code of Russia (notes on)

T.V. Sakhnova,
Doctor of Legal Sciences, Professor, Head of the Department 
of Civil Procedure of the Siberian Federal University

This article analyzes the concept of the Unified Civil Procedure Code. The author notes that horizontal harmonization the civil process ceases to be the subject of a purely doctrinal studies, but finds legislative implementation. This is the main idea of a unified procedure. The procedural approach to internal differentiation civil process the author suggests as the most promising, which is especially important in the development of the diversity of the conciliation procedures (judicial procedural, judicial non-procedural as well as extrajudicial, but the ability of certain influence on the judicial or interact with them). The principle of selection of judicial procedures could be a methodological support of the entire system of judicial procedures. In the context of ensuring the uniformity of judicial procedure to protect the institution of subject-matter jurisdiction (stored in the project, but not fitted with the procedural consequences) is redundant and no longer bear the functional load. 

Keywords: Civil Procedure Code; judicial reform; civil procedure. 

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Information about the author 

  Sakhnova T.V. (Krasnoyarsk) – Doctor of Legal Sciences, Professor, Head of the Department of Civil Procedure of the Siberian Federal University (660075, Krasnoyarsk, Maerchaka st., 6, room 3-09A; e-mail: [email protected]).

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T.V. Sakhnova