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Features of Procedure for Revision and Enforcement of Judgments in the United States and Certain Other Features of Modern Civil Procedure of USA and Russia

G.O. Abolonin,
Candidate of Legal Sciences, Consultant on Legal Regulation of Investment, 
Judicial Protection of Rights and Legitimate Interests of Foreign Investors

Article is devoted to the features of the revision and enforcement of judgements and in the United States. Exploring these procedural institutions, the author makes an analogy with civil proceedings and the enforcement of judgments in the Russian Federation. Appeal proceedings in the United States, despite a certain similarity in the name differs significantly from the appellate proceedings in the arbitration court of appeal in Russia, assumes a re-consideration of the case on the evidence in the case, as well as additionally shown, impossibility of representation of which to the first instance court was not possible due to valid reasons beyond the control of the parties representing relevant evidence. After the decision was made the court of appeal to the parties usually provided certain period to appeal the decision of the appellate court. Avoid the decision of the court of appeal may be effected by the petition of advocates of the sides, considering the fact that the right to review the decision of the appellate court may be accorded by a court of higher instance based on the petition of the parties. Petitions to the decision of the appellate court according to the rules of civil procedure of USA is at the discretion of a certain higher court. 

Keywords: civil litigation of USA; appellate proceedings; execution of court decisions.

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Information about the author 

 Abolonin G.O. (Moscow) – Candidate of Legal Sciences, Consultant on Legal Regulation of Investment, Judicial Protection of Rights and Legitimate Interests of Foreign Investors (e-mail: [email protected]).

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G.O. Abolonin