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Historical Investigation on Lawsuit-Detesting Litigation Concept and Litigiosity Litigation Concept: The Deliberations Concerning Traditional Litigation Cultures of China and Western Countries

Ning Chu,
Lecturer at the University of Jinan, Ph.D. Candidate 
of the China University of Political Science and Law

The concepts of litigations, which embodies and reflects the level of legal consciousness, as well as, is the specific content of legal consciousness. The concepts of litigation of a country is influenced by many factors, such as economic foundation, historical conditions, etc. This results in divergences concerning concepts of litigations of China and western countries. This article studies the concepts of litigations of China and western countries from comparative perspective and tries to investigate their causes of formation rooting in traditional litigation cultures of China and Western countries, on the basis of lawsuit-detesting litigation concept and litigiosity litigation concept. 

Keywords: concept of litigation; lawsuit-detesting litigation concept; litigiosity litigation concept; traditional litigation cultures; ethicization.


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Information about the author 

Ning Chu (Jinan, China) – Lecturer at the University of Jinan, Ph.D. Candidate of the China University of Political Science and Law (250100 CN, Jinan, 27 Shanda Nanlu; e-mail: ningning122812@hotmail.com).

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Ning Chu