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Incontrovertibility of the Court Decision

S.N. Khorunzhy,
Candidate of Legal Sciences, Lecturer of the Department of 
Civil Law and Procedure of the Voronezh State University

The article explores the incontrovertibility of the judgment as a characteristic of the court decision, which has already entered into force; it extracts a close relationship between the incontrovertibility of judgment and principles of legal certainty and nonre- consideration of the same case (res judicata). Author explores practical issues of the judgments’ incontrovertibility in the court of cassation, in proceedings arising from the public relations, as well as when a judgment is made in absentia. The author notes that none of the parties can request a review of a final and binding judgment merely for the purpose of obtaining a rehearing and new regulation. The revision prerequisite of the erroneous judicial acts in any case shall meet the requirements of procedural economy in the use of remedies, the transparency of the justice system. They shall exclude or unjustified any delay in the resumption of the trial and thereby ensure the fairness of the decision and its legal certainty, including the recognition of judgments’ unenforceability and their incontrovertibility. The entering in force of the court decision provides all its properties, including incontrovertibility. It is a consequence of the legal force of the court decision, but not the reason of the acquisition by the court decision of its legal force. 

Keywords: judgment; validity; cogency; res judicata; judicial review; the appeal proceedings; review proceedings; judgment in absentia.


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Information about the author 

  Khorunzhy S.N. (Voronezh) – Candidate of Legal Sciences, Lecturer of the Department of Civil Law and Procedure of the Voronezh State University (394006, Voronezh city, Lenin Sq., 10a; e-mail: [email protected]).

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S.N. Khorunzhy