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The Negation of Negation in the Commercial («Arbitrazh») Procedural Legislation

V.M. Sherstyuk,
Doctor of Legal Sciences, Professor of the Department 
of Civil Procedure of the Lomonosow Moscow State University

The article examines the questions about the direction of the legislator on adopting regulations on commercial («arbitrazh») proceeding. Did all the changes and additions made over time contribute to the development of the commercial («arbitrazh») proceeding and guarantees of judicial protection of the rights of citizens and organizations? Are any patterns in the work of the legislator on this issue? In assessing the focus of work done by the legislator and the specific form of denial author assumes the value of this work reinforcing (contributing to the strengthening of) and developing (promoting the development of) principle(s) of this branch of law, strengthening of the guarantees of their implementation, and consequently, the guarantees of citizens’ and organizations’ rights. Absolutely new on form and content normative came in order to replace the Arbitrazh Code of the Russian Federation 1992. It rejected (denied) all issues outdated, and not corresponded to the development of inhibitory commercial («arbitrazh») proceeding, strengthening its principles, safeguards to protect the rights of citizens and organizations. The denial was showed in various forms in relation to specific norms and institutions: by changing the content of legal norms, replacing them with new content through education based on their full-fledged branch of law institutions, by creating of multilevel system of arbitrazh legislation on the old basis, etc. 

Keywords: denial; continuity; progress.


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 Information about the author 

   Sherstyuk V.M. (Moscow) – Doctor of Legal Sciences, Professor of the Department of Civil Procedure of the Lomonosow Moscow State University (119991, GSP-1, Moscow city, Lenin Hills, 1, building 13 (4th Training Building), 404a room; e-mail: civil_ [email protected]).

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V.M. Sherstyuk