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About the U.S. Judicial System

G.O. Abolonin,
Candidate of Legal Sciences, Consultant on Legal Regulation of Investment, 
Judicial Protection of Rights and Legitimate Interests of Foreign Investors

The article is devoted to the analysis of judicial system of the USA. Civil process in the USA is based on unification, association of the right of a set of various states – states, each of which has independent authorities (legislative, executive, judicial), laws and legal mechanisms of their execution. Le Federal courts of the USA consider civil cases on the basis of Federal rules of civil process, courts of fifty states of the USA form fifty independent judicial systems, carrying out justice on civil cases based on provisions of fifty special regulations adopted by regulatory authorities of states. Most often these regulations in the sphere of civil legal proceedings have character of rules of civil process or codes of civil procedure. Le judicial system of the USA diMers from the Russian judicial system by its dualism that is its obvious feature. Le United States is ranged to the states with moderately centralized judicial system assuming parallel functioning of two independent judicial systems: federal judicial system and judicial system of subjects of Federation. The federal judicial system of the USA includes the U.S. Supreme Court, appellate and district courts, a number of special courts. First of all, they consider the cases connected with application of the federal legislation or with disputes between persons living in different states. 

Keywords: civil litigation; the U.S. law; the judicial system.


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Information about the author 

    Abolonin G.O. (Moscow) – Candidate of Legal Sciences, Consultant on Legal Regulation of Investment, Judicial Protection of Rights and Legitimate Interests of Foreign Investors (e-mail: glebabolonin@mail.ru).

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G.O. Abolonin