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About Legal Systems of the USA and Russia

G.O. Abolonin,
Candidate of Legal Sciences, Consultant on the Legal Support over Investments and 
Court Protection of Rights and Legal Interests of Foreign Investors

He comparative analysis of legal systems of the USA and Russia. He author notes that the base of any civil legal proceedings, as a rule, consists of the main components in the form of court, procedural rules of consideration of lawsuits, the state ideology and the sources of a substantive law used for decision-making on the substance of civil cases. Domination of the law is considered in the USA as a fundamental component of democratic society, the principle according to which all members of society, both citizens, and public authorities, are connected by set of clearly expressed and conventional laws. He concept of human rights in the legal form is an exclusive legal product of a legal family of a general law, quite, probably, as created with the secret purpose to unify due to his perception legal systems of other countries, their state ideology and law. In character, the legal system of the USA is one of options of further development of earlier existing system of the English law as territories of the modern USA before receiving the state sovereignty, were under jurisdiction of Great Britain and established the institutes of the right according to the English law and its legal traditions. 

Keywords: comparative jurisprudence; legal system of the Russian Federation; legal system of the USA; legal ideology


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Information about the author

    Abolonin G.O. (Moscow) – Candidate of Legal Sciences, Consultant on the Legal Support over Investments and Court Protection of Rights and Legal Interests of Foreign Investors (e-mail: glebabolonin@mail.ru).

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G.O. Abolonin