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New Problems of Proof in Light of the Modernization of Civil Proceedings

A.V. Yudin,
Doctor of Legal Sciences, Professor of the Department of Civil Procedure 
and Business Law of the Samara State University

Article is devoted to the topical issues of proof in light of the modernization of the civil justice system. He author notes that in the conditions of intensive reform of procedural law is not always given due attention to evolutionarity produced changes. Modernization of civil litigation in signiIcant problems of evidence, put it, according to the author, to the emergence of evidence. For that do not require the procedural activity of both parties, the court may independently obtain such evidence without making any eJort on their parties. Proving of modeled activity that already considered by the case relating to the legal position of the Supreme Court and of the binding generates a completely new evidentiary activity that is need for real proof of conformity with the circumstances of the case on already considered circumstances on the case under consideration. As an example of original sources, such evidentiary information can be called institutions of «out of procedural appeals» and «friends of the court». He «out of procedural appeals» is deIned as «received by the judge on the case while it is in its production, or president of the court, his deputy, the chairman of the court or the chairman of the board on cases pending in the court, an appeal in writing or orally that are not parties to the proceedings of public authority, local authority, other body, organization, official or citizen». 

Keywords: civil litigation; arbitration process; proving; modernization.


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Information about the author 

   Yudin A.V. (Samara) – Doctor of Legal Sciences, Professor of the Department of Civil Procedure and Business Law of the Samara State University (443011, Samara city, Academic Pavlov st., 1a, e-mail: udin77@mail.ru).

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A.V. Yudin