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Competition of Principles in Civil Process

I.V. Reshetnikova,
Doctor of Legal Sciences, Professor, Chairman of the Federal Commercial 
(«Arbitrazh») Court of the Ural District

The article is devoted to the competition of principles in the civil and commercial proceedings. As an example, the author analyzes the competition of the principles of optionality and procedural activity of court, orality and writing process, transparency and access to justice. For example, in applying for an appeal against actions (inaction) of territorial authorities of Federal State Statistics Service («Rosreestr») on registration of rights to real estate the applicant often chooses the path of administrative proceedings – appeal against actions (inaction) of the territorial body of Federal State Statistics Service. A person who draws a statement shall pay a state fee in accordance with the appeal of action (or inaction) of the state authority. The judge, that takes a statement, steps before the logic of the case on rules of ordinary production, since it is not challenging the actions (or inaction) on registration of rights to real property, but on the substantive dispute over the ownership of the property. However, the judge can not independently change the subject requirements for applicant because of the principle of discretionary protection of applicants rights. Also it should be noted the appearance of a purely electronic proceedings, which «does not fit» in the operating principle of oral proceedings. We are talking about a simplified procedure in the commercial («arbitrazh») process. This writing is complemented by electronic forms of filing documents with the court, and electronically reading of the materials of the cases, making of the judgement on case matters outside the hearing. 

Keywords: civil litigation; commercial («arbitrazh») proceedings; the principles.


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Information about the author 

    Reshetnikova I.V. (Ekaterinburg) – Doctor of Legal Sciences, Professor, Chairman of the Federal Commercial («Arbitrazh») Court of the Ural District (620075, Ekaterinburg city, Lenin st., 32/27, e-mail: arbitr@fasuo.ru).

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I.V. Reshetnikova