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Commentary on Third Book of the Charter of Civil Procedure «Exceptions to the general order of civil proceedings»

The purpose of this commentary is to reveal the contents of the third book «Exceptions to the general order of civil proceedings» in the light of the realities of Charter of Civil Procedure research and times of the Charter, making comparisons with modern procedural law. The author notes that commented section has no analogues in the modern procedural law. These standards are now increasingly found in the material law: civil, family, laws on arbitration courts, dispute resolution involving a mediator. For example, claims by individuals to the breech management are presented at the location of the defendant or the location of the property in question, or the place where a person has suffered loss, or at the location of the official who is in the court of a state-owned operation. In the lawsuits, imposed to the breech management, maintenance of the claim is not allowed. Cases dealt with the prosecutor, and could not be solved in a simplified (reduced) the order of them is not permitted to conclude the settlement agreement. 

Keywords: сomments on legislation; the history of civil procedure; the Charter of Civil Procedure.


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Information about the author 

   Lukin Y.M. (Kazan) – Assistant of the Department of Theory and History of State and Law of the Kazan (Volga region) Federal University (420008, Russian Federation, Kazan city, Kremlevskaya st., 18, e-mail: yu.m.lukin@gmail.com).

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Yu.M. Lukin