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The Civil Procedure Code of the Russian Federation: A Long Way of Reforms

T.V. Sakhnova,
Doctor of Legal Sciences, Professor, Head of the Department of Civil Procedure 
of the Siberian Federal University

This article analyzes the impact of the reform of civil procedural law in the administration of justice in civil cases. Introduction into the Code of Civil Procedure and the Commercial («Arbitrazh») Procedure Code of the Russian Federation of procedures for compensation for the violation of the right to trial within a reasonable time, or right in the performance of a judicial act within a reasonable time legislator sought to ensure reasonableness of the length of justice as its essential component. Testing this idea through regulations of specific category of cases is remarkable: thus implicitly acknowledged that the procedural validity of the generally recognized principles and norms of international law calls for their mediation to the national law. In general, the process tends not to increase but to reduce the level arrangement and at the same time to increase the number of procedural safeguards; also ensure that judicial protection in its entirety effect was made by the court of the first instance (for example, separation of functions and more detailed regulation of the stage of preparing the case for trial, preliminary hearing, «engage» in other procedural mechanism – in addition to the settlement agreement – conciliation). The author notes that a major historical achievement of the 2002 CPC – that he had secured the progressive and evolutionary development of the civil process in difficult conditions of revolutionary social changes.

Keywords: civil litigation; law reform; the history of civil process.


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Information about the author 

    Sakhnova T.V. (Krasnoyarsk) – Doctor of Legal Sciences, Professor, Head of the Department of Civil Procedure of the Siberian Federal University (660075, Russian Federation, Krasnoyarsk city, Maerchaka st., 6, e-mail: civil.p@yandex.ru).

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T.V. Sakhnova