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The Development of the Civil Procedure Code of the Russian Federation Norms on the Inspection and Review of the Judgments: Theory and Practice

E.A. Borisova,
Doctor of Legal Sciences, Professor of the Department of Civil Procedure 
of the Lomonosow Moscow State University 

The article is a summary of the author’s lecture at a conference marking the 10th anniversary of the enactment of the Code of Civil Procedure (Law Faculty of the Lomonosov Moscow State University, April 19, 2013). It is also about the changes of the rules of the Code of Civil Procedure in appeal, cassation and the supervisory review of the civil cases. The author notes that the only one real advantage of the changes is the introduction of a single order of the appeal of the not enforceable court decisions. The simplification of appeal should not impair the existing guarantees of judicial protection. The manifestation of this kind of «simplification» of the process demonstrates the disregard of the principle of party equality and, therefore, forms (clearly positive) corresponding to the ratio of citizens to justice and the administration of justice in civil cases. Application by the courts of appeal of Art. 327.1 of the CPC will make an unpredictable outcome of the appeal of the judgment, because the basis of application is the judicial discretion. However, the predictability in the provision of state remedies requires that in exercising the right of appeal to appeal claims of substantive and procedural law can be predicted. The lack of predictability in the actions of the court of appeal may limit access to the court of second instance and, as a consequence, lead to the violation of the right to a fair trial. 

Keywords: Code of Civil Procedure of the Russian Federation; civil litigation; appeal; cassation; supervision; the European Court of Human Rights; the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation.


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Information about the author 

    Borisova E.A. (Moskow) – Doctor of Legal Sciences, Professor of the Department of Civil Procedure of the Lomonosow Moscow State University (119899, Russian Federation, Moscow city, Lenin Hills, Moscow State University, 1 Education Building, room 746, e-mail: civil_proceedings@law.msu.su).

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E.A Borisova