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Subject-Matter Jurisdiction of the Counterclaim

L.V. Egorova, 
Postgraduate Student of the Department of Civil Procedure 
of the Moscow State Law Academy

In the article author is researching the issue concerning distinction of subject-matter jurisdiction of the counterclaim between regular and arbitrazh (commercial) courts. The author makes the analyses of the existing legislation and court practice on this issue. Gives suggestions to improve the legislation, which was the possible change of legal jurisdiction of counterclaims, in cases when the submission of such a counterclaim contains requirements which exclude all or part of the requirements for the initial claim, and when counter-claims are directed to offset the initial requirements. Jurisdiction of such counter-claims should be determined by the original jurisdiction over the claim and do not depend on the nature of the dispute or the subjects of conflict. This «exception» would allow interested parties to protect their rights and interests in a timely manner, and to avoid long-term «walking» on the various courts.

Keywords: regular court; arbitration court; civil process; claims; counterclaim; subject matter jurisdiction of the counterclaim.


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Information about the author 

   Egorova L.V. (Moscow) – Postgraduate Student of the Department of Civil Procedure of the Moscow State Law Academy (123995, Russian Federation, Moscow city, Sadovaya-Kudrinskaya st., 9, e-mail: [email protected]).

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L.V. Egorova