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Comparison of European Systems of Enforcement Proceedings and their Structures

Uzelac Alan,
Doctor of Legal Sciences, Professor of the University of Zagreb

The article analyzes the different systems of organization of execution of the camps EU. The author analyzes the advantages and disadvantages of each system, the organization of enforcement proceedings: judicial, administrative, and mixed. Indicates that administrative system is less expensive on the keeping, but also less effective; court, on the contrary, more efficient, but also more expensive keeping. In some countries, there is the institution of private bailiffs, who in many cases are effective, but the ratio of this institution in the different EU countries remains controversial.

Keywords: European civil procedure; execution; comparative legal analysis; the EU.


   Kenneth W. Regulation of Enforcement Agents in Europe: A Comparative Survey. L., 2001. 
   Hess B. Different Enforcement Structures // Enforcement and Enforceability: Tradition and Reform / C.H. van Rhee, A. Uzelac (eds.). Antwerpen; Oxford; Port- land, 2010. P. 42. 

Information about the author 

   Uzelac Alan (Zagreb) – Doctor of Legal Sciences, Professor of the University of Zagreb (Croatia, m. Tita 14, HR-10000 ZAGREB, e-mail: [email protected]).

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Alan Uzelac