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On the 10th Anniversary of the Adoption of Commercial («Arbitrazh») Procedure Code of the Russian Federation

T.K. Andreeva,
Deputy Head of the Supreme Commercial («Arbitrazh»)
 Court of the Russian Federation

The article provides a brief analysis of the innovations that was introduced by the practice of commercial («arbitrazh») justice in the Russian Federation in connection with the adoption of the last of the Commercial («Arbitrazh») Procedure Code. The author reveals the advantages of individual procedural institutions through the prism of access to justice for citizens and organizations. 

Keywords: commercial («arbitrazh») process.


   Reshetnikova I.V. Innovations arbitration procedural law // Laws of Russia: experience, analysis, and practice. 2009. September. No. 9. 
   Yudin A. Silence is consent? // ej-Lawyer. 2010. October. No. 41. 

Information about the author 

   Andreeva T.K. (Moscow) – Deputy Head of the Supreme Commercial («Arbitrazh») Court of the Russian Federation (101000, Moscow, Center, Malyi Kharitonievsky Lane, 12, e-mail: vasrf@arbitr.ru).

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T.K. Andreeva