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Concept of Rapidly Growing Russian Commercial «Arbitrazh» Process (the 10th Anniversary of the Adoption of the Commercial («Arbitrazh») Procedure Code)

I.V. Reshetnikova, 
Doctor of Legal Sciences, Professor, Chairman of the Federal 
Commercial («Arbitrazh») Court of the Ural District

This article analyzes the basic procedural institutions of the Commercial ("Arbitrazh") Procedure Code (hereafter referred as "APC"). The author reveals the essence of the revolutionary changes of the APC in its initial version and in his actions up to date.

Keywords: commercial ("arbitrazh") process.


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Information about the author 

   Reshetnikova I.V. (Ekaterinburg) – Doctor of Legal Sciences, Professor, Chairman of the Federal Commercial («Arbitrazh») Court of the Ural District (620075, Ekaterinburg, Lenin st., 32/27, e-mail: arbitr@fasuo.ru).

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I.V. Reshetnikova