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Doctor of Legal Sciences, Professor,
Department of Civil and Administrative Legal Proceedings,
Russian State University of Justice


The article provides a comparative analysis of the legal regulation of proof and evidence
in civil and arbitration proceedings, administrative proceedings. From the point of view of
the unity and differentiation of the civil procedural form, the problems of legal regulation
of proof and evidence in three procedural regulations are considered. The author considers
the concept of judicial law as a methodological basis for unification in the legal regulation
of proof and evidence. Judicial law is considered as a possible basis for the unity of civil
procedure, its main concepts are highlighted: the unity of the goals of civil procedure;
the unity of the principles of civil procedure; systemic interconnection of its constituent
elements. As a result of the study, the author came to the conclusion that there are
unjustified discrepancies in the legal regulation of proof and evidence. The author deduces
this conclusion from the analysis of the mechanism of proof, enshrined in three procedural
rules, the study of the rules for the distribution of the burden of proof, the admissibility of
evidence and the exclusion of evidence. Proposals have been made to improve the legal
regulation of proof and evidence, aimed at eliminating unjustified discrepancies. Also, the
study raises questions about determining the moment from which the evidence presented
by the person participating in the case may lose legal force.

Keywords: civil legal proceedings; judicial law; system of civil procedural law; principles of
civil procedure; proof; proof mechanism; admissibility of proofs; exception of proofs.


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Information about the author

M.A. Fokina (Moscow, Russia) – Doctor of Legal Sciences, Professor, Department
of Civil and Administrative Legal Proceedings, Russian State University of Justice
(69 Novocheremuskinskaia St., Moscow, 117418, Russia; e-mail: [email protected]).

Recommended citation

Fokina M.A. Realizatsiia kontseptsii edinstva tsivilisticheskogo protsessa v sovremennom
zakonodatel’stve [Implementation of the Concept of Unity of Civil Procedure in
the Modern Legislation]. Vestnik grazhdanskogo protsessa – Herald of Civil Procedure,
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