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Modern Understanding of the Court of Appeal Institution in Civil Procedure

Candidate of Legal Sciences,
Associate Professor of the Department of Civil, Arbitration and Administrative Procedural Law
of the Russian State University of Justice

The author investigates the legal nature of the appellate court through the problem of the
conditional nature of the evidence in the appeal, the limits of the appellate review, the
appropriateness of using interinstitutional interaction, the related problems of procedural
economy and the duration of the general period of the trial, as well as the attendant
problems of organizational support for the appellate court. An essential condition for the
proper functioning of the full appeal is its adequate organizational support. One of the
projects (bills) of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation was designed to solve this
problem, but the author gives critics on that and in order to confirm his position the author
presents statistical data. According to the results of the research, the author comes to the
conclusion that it is necessary to give the court of appeal the most complete character,
involving the removal of any restrictions in the verification sphere, preventing not only
replenishment of the missing actual facts of the case or adjustment of the legal qualification
of the dispute made by the court of first instance, but also re-examination of the case in
limits of the claim. Such a model of the appellate court, in the author’s opinion, meets the
modern concept of appeal as the main way to eliminate judicial errors.

Keywords: rule of law; court of appellate instance; procedural regime; new evidence;
procedural economy; interinstitutional powers; limits of the appellate review; primary
means of verifying judicial acts; organizational support of the court of appeal.


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Information about the author

Knyazkin S.I. (Moscow, Russia) – Candidate of Legal Sciences, Associate Professor
of the Department of Civil, Arbitration and Administrative Procedural Law of the
Russian State University of Justice (117418, Moscow, Novocheryomushkinskaya St.,
Bldg. 69; e-mail: knyazkin-sergei@mail.ru).

Recommended citation

Knyazkin S.I. Sovremennoe ponimanie suda apellyatsionnoj instantsii v tsivilisticheskom
protsesse [Modern Understanding of the Court of Appeal Institution in Civil
Procedure]. Вестник гражданского процесса = Herald of Civil Procedure, 2018, no. 3,
p. 90–105. (In Russian) DOI: 10.24031/2226-0781-2018-8-3-90-105

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S.I. Knyazkin