Herald of Civil Procedure

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Journal “Herald of civil procedure” is among the leading Russian periodicals, included to the leading international databases Russian Science Citation Index (RSCI) on the platform of Web of Science. Journal is in the list of the leading reviewed scientific periodicals, recommended by Higher attestation commission of Ministry of science of Russia for publication of the main scientific results of dissertations for scientific degree of doctor and candidate of legal sciences. 

Journal aim is to create a professional platform for discussion of complex problems of civil procedural law. 

Journal goals: 

1. To publicize new results of perspective and vital scientific researches, that have an essential meaning in development of civil procedure. 

2. To provide for international and interregional scientific coordination functions of precise, qualitative and timely publication of authors’ scientific work results. 

3. To develop a doctrine of civil procedural law. 

4. To design recommendations for judicial and other legal practice. 

5. To create an environment of openness and accessibility of wide spread of scientific work results of PhD students. 

6. To form a constant firm interest in the journal among scientific and teaching community, representatives of judicial and attorney society, young and beginning scholars. To support a growing need in the journal among professional community of different regions of Russia and foreign countries. 

Editorial policy is premised on providing a clear focus on the specific object (to avoid duplicating themes of other journals) and at the same time - on paying attention on interconnections of problems of civil procedure with other branches of law. 

Editorial council consists of leading scholars and experts of international and national level in the sphere of civil, commercial, administrative procedural law, enforcement procedure, mediation, representatives of governmental bodies. 

Journal readership consists of researchers, experts, practicing lawyers, judges, students of universities and a wide range of readers interested in Russian and international civil, commercial, administrative, enforcement procedural problems. 

“Herald of civil procedure” is a scientific-practical journal, issued since 2011, published six times a year in Russian language, journal volume - 20 printed sheets (40.000 characters in a sheets). 

In 2011 the first issue of the new legal scientific journal “Herald of civil procedure” was sent to the publisher. The emergence of the journal has become a result of a conscious work of Editor-in-chief together with editorial board and editorial council in coordination of works of different law schools representatives, who conducted researches in the sphere of not only civil procedure, but also commercial, administrative and enforcement procedure. 

Founders of the journal were leading Russian scholars, publishers and practicing lawyers: Yem Vladimir Saurseevich (candidate of legal sciences, docent of civil law department of Lomonosov Moscow state university), Samoylov Kirill Ivanovich (CEO of “Statut” publishing house), Dolgov Alexander Gennadyevich (director of “Statut” publishing house), Zagidullin Marat Rashidovich (candidate of legal sciences, docent of department of environmental, labor law and civil procedure of Law faculty of Kazan (Volga region) federal university), and Valeev Damir Khamitovich (doctor of legal sciences, professor of department of environmental, labor law and civil procedure of Law faculty of Kazan (Volga region) federal university). 

The initiative of creation and development of this journal was supported by doctor of legal sciences, professor, president of the State Duma Committee on state building and legislation, Co-president of Russian Association of lawyers Krasheninnikov Pavel Vladimirovich, who later became a President of journal editorial council. 

Among with the above-mentioned people journal creation and its current support is managed by Sultanov Aydar Rustemovich (board member, head of legal department of JSC “Nizhnekamskneftekhim”), Lutfullin Lenar Zavitovich (director of legal company “Pravis”), Yegorov Konstantin Valentinovich (director of legal company “StroyKapitalKonsalting”), Gusyakov Vyacheslav Yuryevich (deputy president of international union of lawyers) and other representatives of legal science and practice. 

At the end of November, 2011, in Moscow there was a presentation of the journal to the general public. The pilot issue was presented to the legal society of Russia. The result of first months of journal existence was including of it to the catalogues of periodicals of Russian Federation and Commonwealth of Independent States, subscription had become available starting the first issue of 2012. Moreover, later presentations were made in Moscow state institute of international affairs, on the conference celebrating anniversary of birth of Valeriy Abramovich Musin, in Saint-Petersburg, and in Tumen state university. 

Since 2014, Office of the journal together with partner - representatives of legal society of Russia and foreign countries annually conducts a Symposium of “Herald of civil procedure” journal. Each year a specific theme if chosen for the Symposium based on problems and challenges of legal reality. 

Also since the creation of the Journal and up the the beginning of 2019, it can be surely stated that authors of the Journal are practicing lawyers and scholars on legal procedure from all over the world. 

Moreover the office of the journal conducts several large projects with historical, retrospective aspect, that can evaluate the impact of XX century law on development of modern civil procedural law. As such project was formed a Library of journal “Herald of civil procedure”, consisting of more than 5 books, that were united to the series “Classics of civil procedure” 

One more young, but large project is publication of specialized issues. During the time of its existence 4 specialized issues were published: one of them was covering the theme of mediation, the second one touched the questions of connections between religion and procedural law, the third and fourth ones were devoted to the results of symposiums and their themes coincided with themes of the events: electronic jurisdiction and evidence in civil procedure. 


Electronic data backup 

The journal's plan for electronic backup and preservation of access to the journal content is via Scientific Electronic Library elibrary.ru in the event a journal is no longer published. The journal deposits publications in multiple digital archives to guarantee long-term digital preservation.

These include HeinOnline and Cyberleninka (in process).