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Monday, 23 March 2015

The Project of "The Impact of Religion on Civil Procedure"

The Project of "The Impact of Religion on Civil Procedure"

One of the results of the Congress of the International Association of Procedural Law (IAPL) in Moscow (September 19-21, 2012.) held by Dmitry Maleshin was the familiarity with many good colleagues including Alexey Argunov who kindly invited me to contribute to the project of "The Impact of Religion on Civil Procedure" which the Department for Civil and Administrative Procedure of RAJ started to conduct it after the successful congress.

Within the framework of the this project it was going to study the influence of different religions on civil procedure in the broadest context. The research questions were as it follows: Does religion have impact on the sufficient distinctions which have place in different systems of civil procedure (in various countries)? In case yes, what is its place in the row of other factors, aspects of culture? Do religious dogmas impact on the goals of civil procedure? Is there any link between notion of truth in civil procedure and in religion?

The results of this project have recentlty been published in the form of an essays collection in "Herald of Civil Procedure", No 4, 2014 in Russian. However, there is an English abstarct for each essay which could be found in the enclosed file. Here is the list of the contributors to this project:
1. A.V. Argunov & T.B. Yusupov
Impact of Religion on Civil Procedure And Conciliatory Procedures
2. Majid Pourostad 
Impact of Religion on the Iranian Litigations Forms
3. Ning Chu
Historical Investigation on Lawsuit-Detesting Litigation Concept and ...
4. Laura Ervo
Religious Affects in Civil Procedure: East-Scandinavian Perspective
5. A.V. Argunov
View of Civil Procedure in the Light of the Buddhism Philosophy
6. M.E. Poskrebnev
Impact of Pagan Religious Idea of Revenge on Old slavic Civil Procedure
7. R.R. Shaydullin & S.Yu. Baranov
Mediation in Islamic Law (Sharia) and ...